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Retail Manager

Job Description 


A leading company in the Butchery/ Meat Industry is looking for an experienced Retail Manager in their butcheries around Silverton,Heidelberg and Honeydew.

Desired Experience & Qualification

    • Grade 12
    • Diploma/Degree in Retail or Business or related qualification will be advantageous


    • Manage staff clocking via ERS.
    • Maintain and understand the system Meat Matrix.
    • Manage and maintain CCTV cameras.
    • Ensure availability of physical security guards in store.
    • Manage the alarm system internally.
    • Minimum of 5 years’ experience working in a retail environment, ideally in a managerial or leadership level.
    • Prior knowledge and experience in management of; Inventory/stock, buying, staff, products merchandising, costs and profitability of the store.
    • Knowledge of stock management systems like ERP, Meat matrix, e.t.c
    • Knowledge and understanding of FMCG environment and related legislation
    • Management of perishable products with short shelf life especially in meat industry
    • Understanding of retail consumer behaviour and purchasing trends
    • Understanding of the retail and meat market


    • English Proficiency (read, write and speak).
    • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
    • Proficient in MS Office Suite.
    • Demonstrable analytical skills.
    • Understanding of income statements, cash flows, stock management reporting, and all basic financial systems.
    • Excellent interpersonal skills and ability to communicate effectively.
    • Exceptional customer service and people management skills.
    • Energetic and self-starter.



    1. Stock Management

    Stock Ordering

    • Place orders with factories and other suppliers
    • Follow up on orders
    • Manage deliveries, delivery dates and stock upon arrival
    • Manage stock order volumes

    Stock Receiving

    • Receive ordered stock
    • Report delivery shortfalls, and damages
    • Follow up on non-received stock
    • Capture received stock on Meat Matrix

    Stock controlling

    • Daily stock levels reporting
    • Run stock depletion reports- cashiers
    • Balance off with stock receiving
    • Manage stock levels threshold
    • Manage stock shrinkage: stock losses/damages/dumping’s

    2. Housekeeping

    • Store cleanliness including, but not limited to all floors, bathrooms, office spaces, passageways, isles, packing areas, chillers, freezers, cashier till points and Deli (Hot Foods) area.
    • Always maintain high level of HACCP standards throughout the store.
    • Observe OHSA (Occupational Health and Safety) hazards and abide by the rules and regulations of the Act.

    3. Employee Management

    • Employee Recruitment
    • Onboarding and Induction of new employees
    • Training and Development
    • Employee Relations (Discipline in the workplace)
    • Performance Management
    • Employee Wellness
    • Employee Motivation

    4. Store Organisation

    • Display of products on the the shelf and create attractive displays at key points in the store ex: check-out ques.
    • Be familiar with the merchandising material available from suppliers and ensure employees are familiar with all in-store (current) promotions.
    • Re-arrangement of store shelves and products
    • Managing of non-moving items and display areas

    5. Cash Management

    • Manage and assist with daily cash ups.
    • Minimise cash losses.
    • Manage picking up and dropping off of cash in the store.
    • Manage cash on ATM.
    • Manage safety of cash movement within the store.
    • Manage and keep the safe secure and locked at all times.

    6. Customer Service

    • Deliver excellent service to ensure high levels of customer satisfaction
    • Create a store that meets local needs by building an understanding of customer-product preferences.
    • Manage and analyse customer complaints to get insights for improvement of customer satisfaction
    • Be the custodian of customer experience and lead brand loyalty
    • Responding to customer complaints and comments promptly and accurately.
    • Scan and analyse customer environment, purchasing patterns and initiate activities that will influence customer behaviour including attracting new and retain existing customers

    7. System Administration

  • Manage staff clockings via ERS.
  • Maintain and understand the system Meat Matrix.
  • Manage and maintain CCTV cameras.
  • Ensure availability of physical security guards in store.
  • Manage the alarm system internally.

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