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Virginia Interventional & Vascular Associates

Registered Nurse

Job Description 

Position Summary:

This position is accountable to provide specialized nursing care to VIVA patients, in order to facilitate compliance with physician orders, administration of proper medications, and completion of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures in an efficient and effective manner.

This includes

1) assessing patient care based upon physical findings and the functional limitations of the patient,

2) developing a plan of care based on these findings,

3) ensuring that the plan of care is implemented, evaluated, and modified with the patient care team as required, and

4) ensuring collaboration among team members in achieving optimal patient outcomes. Duties and responsibilities are carried out in a manner that demonstrates a commitment to quality service, to our patients and their families, the community, the physicians, and our associates.

Major Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Provides specialized nursing care to all patient age groups as allowed under licensure, to meet the medical and personal needs of VIVA patients. Demonstrates clinical competency as evidenced by initial and annual performance evaluations.
  • Adheres to VIVA and nursing policies, procedures, standards, and protocols to ensure effective departmental operations and quality patient care. Demonstrates a high degree of knowledge and understanding of interventional radiology and vascular surgery services/activities.
  • Coordinates, assesses, performs, interprets, communicates, and documents patient diagnostic testing, therapeutic procedures, and protocols. Greets patients, family members, and customers upon entry to department.
  • Provides patient/family/significant other orientation to VIVA.
  • Performs/validates patient assessment findings.
  • Initiates or reviews patients’ medical records to ensure pre-procedure Standard of Care is met and procedure and patient identification are verified.
  • Provides for physical and emotional needs of patients prior to, during, and after procedures.
  • Ensures patient safety by monitoring, hemodynamic status, and other clinical signs during and after procedures per protocol until dismissal.
  • Maintains procedural sedation competency as evidenced by a score of 85% or better on the VIVA sedation competency examination.
  • Safely and effectively provides procedural sedation under the direction of the procedural physician.
  • Accurately and consistently documents data collected, medications administered, and nursing care provided. Formulates an individualized plan of care to achieve desired outcomes for patient/significant other utilizing evidence-based practice.
  • Serves as a liaison between patients, families, care team, and physicians, and other healthcare professionals to ensure effective communication and customer service.
  • Continually assesses patient’s physical status during procedures, anticipating and responding to changes. Anticipates physician needs and obtains necessary supplies, equipment, and/or human resources in an organized and timely manner.
  • Monitors and controls the environment during procedures by adhering to electrical and radiation safety policies, principles of asepsis, and proper disposal of biohazards.
  • Evaluates patient’s response to plan of care and reprioritizes patient goals as necessary. Modifies plan of care in collaboration with interdisciplinary team members.
  • Identifies and coordinates resolution of patient care situations and collaborates with team members as appropriate.
  • Compares results of team actions to desired patient goals by assessing patients post intervention/procedure for positive patient outcomes.
  • Provides formal or informal education to team members and patient/family/significant others as appropriate.
  • Maintains a safe and orderly environment for patients, personnel, and visitors by requiring and supporting the establishment, maintenance, and education of an effective safety management program.
  • Implements Universal Precautions when dealing with all potentially Bio-hazardous situations. Creates and maintains a sterile field during procedures utilizing principles of aseptic technique.
  • Monitors sterile field and personnel for breaks in technique and takes appropriate corrective action as required.
  • Adheres to radiation safety practices for patients, personnel, and self, including principles of time, distance, and shielding where possible.
  • Monitors compliance with regulatory agency guidelines. Recommends changes as needed.
  • Assists in development, implementation, and monitoring of policies, procedures, standards, and clinical pathways.
  • Participates in performance improvement plans and activities for the VIVA practice.
  • Demonstrates effective communication, customer service, and team skills that foster the professional development and productivity of the entire care team.
  • Demonstrates the ability to use effective problem solving and decision-making skills in practice.
  • Provides supervision and delegation of selected procedures and tasks to appropriately trained unlicensed persons.
  • Monitors and maintains an adequate inventory of supplies and materials to ensure their continued availability and uninterrupted service.
  • Monitors and maintains point of care equipment to ensure their continued availability and uninterrupted service.
  • Maintains authority to administer contrast agents/radiopharmaceuticals and follows established guidelines for the selection/administration of appropriate contrast type, amount, and concentration.
  • Serves as a preceptor to technologists and nurses for contrast/radiopharmaceutical administration assessment and authorization.
  • Demonstrates the knowledge and ability to meet the age specific needs of the patient groups identified under qualifications.
  • Participates in performance improvement activities that are prescribed for the position.
  • Utilizes information and communication technologies efficiently and in accordance with all HIPAA standards.
  • Monitor medication inventory and expiration dates; write prescriptions, lab and imaging orders.
  • Act as a clinical resource in absence of clinical supervisor, performing “Huddle” and taking scheduling questions.
  • Rotate taking patient phone calls and faxes, performing follow-up on after hours calls.
  • Filling out Prior Authorizations, disability, Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV), FMLA, Carotid Stent registry paperwork.
  • Wound care/dressing changes on Vascular patients.
  • Cross trains and travels to related facilities to provide support as deemed necessary
  • Participates in required training and successfully completes all competency


  • Registered Nurse, licensed to practice in Virginia.
  • Bachelor’s degree in nursing or healthcare field preferred.
  • One year nursing experience in an acute care setting preferred (ICU, CCU, Emergency, Radiology, or Cardiology).
  • Procedural sedation preferred.
  • Excellent customer service and communication skills.
  • Strong working knowledge of computer systems.
  • Current BLS and ACLS certification.

Physical Demands:

  • Prolonged periods of standing, including while wearing leads aprons and radiation protection apparel.
    • Substantial physical dexterity, primary hands and fingers.
      • Ability to assist with patient transfers using proper lift procedures.
        • Requires moderate lifting of weight up to 35 pounds.

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