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Monitoring Officer

Job Description 

Job Overview:

A Monitor is a key role in our organization responsible for overseeing and managing various operational functions to ensure smooth business operations. The Monitor is typically part of the Operations Cluster team. The specific job responsibilities include the following:

Duties and Responsibilities:

1. App Installation- App activation refers to the process of activating or initializing a software application on a device, such as a smartphone, tablet, or computer so that it can be used by the end user. App activation typically involves a series of steps, including installing the app, setting up user accounts, configuring settings, and accepting terms and conditions. The purpose of app activation is to enable the app to function fully and provide its intended features and functionality to the user.

2. Appointment scheduling- It refers to the process of setting up appointments or meetings between Participants at mutually agreed-upon dates, times, and locations with experts as per requirement. It involves coordinating the availability of multiple parties and allocating time slots for specific appointments or events.

3. Onboarding and follow-up calls- are two distinct stages in the customer engagement process. Onboarding calls typically occur at the beginning of a customer’s journey with a company, while follow-up calls take place after the initial onboarding process and are intended to maintain and deepen the customer relationship.

4. Customer query resolution- refers to the process of addressing and resolving customer inquiries, questions, or concerns in a satisfactory manner. It involves actively listening to the customer’s query, understanding their needs, and providing accurate and helpful information or solutions to address their concerns.

5. Uploading health reports in a system- typically involves the process of digitally submitting or attaching health-related documents, such as medical test results, imaging reports, lab reports, or other relevant health records, into an electronic system or platform for storage, retrieval, and analysis.

Set of Skills required:

1. Analytical and problem-solving skills: need to analyze complex situations, identify problems, and develop practical solutions.

2. Process management skills: managing various processes, workflows, and procedures

3. Attention to detail: to ensure accuracy and quality in work.

4. Time management and organizational skills:

5. Communication and collaboration skills: communicate effectively with various stakeholders, including team members, customers, suppliers, and other departments.

6. Adaptability and flexibility in work.


1. Qualification: Any Graduate

2. Experience: 0-2 years in relevant position

3. Languages: English (must), Marathi, Hindi, etc.

4. Communication: Must be proficient in Verbal and Written communication in English

Salary: Best in the industry

Job Type: Full-time


  • Day shift

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