Hospital Jobs In Ludhiana

Dayanand Medical College and Hospital

Staff Nurse

Job Description 

Duties of Staff Nurse:-

1) While receiving a patient (either emergency admission or OPD admission or transfer from other units) a staff nurse must follow these general points:-

a) Inform the unit doctor.

b) Remove and handover patient’s personal belongings to family member and obtain their signatures.

c) Give the medication (tablets, infusions and transfusion) to the patients as prescribed.

2) Daily nursing care of the patient :-

a) Start I/V line and assist doctor on duty in various medical and surgical procedures like dressing, suturing of wounds etc.

b) Take rounds with doctors and note orders on the round register, implement their instructions and prescriptions and maintain records of doctor’s visit.

c) Monitor vital sign and maintain nursing progress charts with proper documentation of date and time.

d) Sponge bath, back care, mouth care, eye care, ear care, bowel and bladder care, ryle’s tube feeding etc. as per requirement/chart.

e) Change side regularly for bed-ridden patient to prevent bedsore development on pressure points and document on chart.

f) Draw blood samples and ensure the delivery of samples to the concerned lab. within 30 minutes and ensure the collection of reports from various labs. by Ward Boy.

g) Filling the lab reports, consent for procedure etc. in laid down sequence in concerned patient file.

h) Performs nursing procedures as per set protocols & requirements.

i) Ensure proper hygiene of the patient.

j) Pre-operative preparation of patients.

k) In O.T. organize smooth conduct of surgical procedures and assist the surgeon during the procedures.

3) Patient/Attendant awareness :-

a) Make patient/attendant aware about the diet to be followed according to the diagnosis.

b) Make attendants aware about the visiting hours and ensure only one attendant is present at the patient beside.

c) Keep a check that attendants present in the ward have visiting pass with them.

d) Explain about proper disposal of biomedical and general waste.

e) Use of sputum mug/kidney tray for spitting.

f) On discharge, explain about follow up and OPD appointments and home care according to patient’s needs and when and who to contact in case of emergency.

4) General duty of a staff nurse :-

a) To be polite to the patient’s attendants.

b) Follow the orders and instructions of the In-charge.

c) Ensure proper segregation of biomedical waste.

d) Use of mobile phone to be avoided at all costs.

e) Shift In-charge should inform the ward In-charge about any indiscipline, dereliction of duties, negligence and absence from duty by the staff under her jurisdiction.

“Attend all in service educational programs and external mandatory certification programs for professional advancement”.

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: ₹18,000.00 per month


  • Health insurance
  • Leave encashment


  • Rotational shift


  • Bachelor’s (Preferred)


  • Nursing License (Preferred)

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