HDFC Bank Job In Bikaner


Emerging Enterprises Group

Job Description 

Position description: To run initiatives in line with key objectives of the Business which includes part of branch management, lead generation/logins, cross selling, renewals, CAM conditions review/OBA review, Portfolio Management and Housekeeping (HK) and Stock insurance/property insurance in order to attain the banks objective of business leadership.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Branch Management-
  • 1. Scoping the RM/PB customer for lead/joint calls OR make use of available resources in the branch for leads/joint calls
  • 2. Planning the catchment area activity/scoping for lead generation/joint call
  • 3. Ensure RM/PB activation from the activities above.
  • 4. Creating excitement in branches/spot sanctions/contests/recognition program
  • Lead generation/logins:
  • 1. Follow up the on the calls made for documents/arrange for pickup of documents
  • 2. Check for completeness of documents
  • 3. Go through the Financials/bank statements for churn/bounces/interest servicing
  • 4. Collection of property documents for legal/valuation – check for completeness chain docs etc.
  • 5. KYCs
  • 6. List down the points to be clarified from the customer
  • 7. Fill in the FAQs post discussion with the customer
  • 8. SPE updation
  • 9. Submission of file to ops for scanning
  • 10. Submission of docs for legal/valuation
  • 11. Co-ordination with customer/valuer
  • 12. Buyer/supplier ref check -> Ref leads
  • Cross Selling:
  • 1. To be the one-stop shop for each of our EEG clients and provide suitable gamut of financial products such as Insurance, CASA, Credit Cards, Other Assets Products as required by the customer.
  • 2. Monitor and track Leads.
  • Renewals:
  • 1. List down the renewals every month for the next two months
  • 2. Work on the renewals in advance
  • 3. Mail to the respective customers on docs required for renewal
  • 4. Follow up weekly twice for docs
  • 5. Arrange for collection of documents
  • 6. Check the documents for completeness
  • 7. Study the financials/bank statements/churn/interest servicing/aberrations from the stated nos
  • 8. Speak to the customer for addressing issues/aberrations
  • 9. SPE
  • 10. Hand over to ops for scanning
  • 11. Follow post login formalities
  • 12. For renewals overdue and having genuine delay put up for extensions
  • CAM conditions review/OBA review:
  • 1. Churn review for OBA once a month
  • 2. Conditions review once a month
  • 3. Same for CAM conditions
  • Portfolio Management and Housekeeping (HK):
  • 1. Reduce HK.
  • 2. Closure of critical and high aging items
  • 3. Carrying out SVR/Call Memo/plant visit report etc
  • Stock insurance/property insurance:
  • 1. Communicate the premium to the customer after listing down the pendency
  • 2. Collect docs if required
  • 3. Submission to OPS

Additional Responsibilities:

  • Any other task assigned by seniors from time to time.

Educational qualifications preferred

  • Category: Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s Degree

Required work experience

  • Industry: BFSI/Insurance
  • Role: Fresher/Sales
  • Years of experience: 0 to 1

Required Skills:

  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Coordination with multiple teams & multiple activities
  • Ability to work under pressure.


  • Reporting Designation: Relationship Manager
  • Reporting Department-Sub BU: Emerging Enterprises Group

Specific requirements

  • Travel: Moderate

Other details

  • Contract Types: PERMANENT

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