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Finance Lead Analyst 

Job Description 

What you’ll do:

Finance Lead Analyst – Continuous Improvement

  • Financial Strategy – Participation in developing and implementing a comprehensive Financial strategy that supports Continuous Improvement, Cost optimization, Standardization, Automation, and Simplification.
  • Trend Analysis – Analyze historical and current data to understand the trend, predict the future state, and alert stakeholders in case of deviation. Establishing a clear and well-articulated implementation plan
  • Strategic Decision Support: Provide financial insights and recommendations to senior management or executives to support strategic initiatives and investment decisions. Evaluate potential risks and opportunities, assess financial viability, and conduct due diligence.
  • Cost Management and Efficiency: Analyze and optimize cost structures, identify areas for cost reduction or efficiency improvement, provide recommendations for cost-saving initiatives, and assess the financial impact of operational decisions.
  • Process Improvement:

o Analyzing company processes and procedures. Investigating shortfalls, issues, and complaints in current business processes. Make appropriate recommendations that will positively impact operational excellence based on gains and required effort.
o Develop and implement IT EBS policies, playbooks, procedures, and standards related to continuous improvement.

  • Industry Research:-

o Study industry-specific research and available data to predict trends. Establish benchmarks and compare them with the current processes.
o Landscape and benchmark internal and external best practices, industry trends, and technologies to enable employee productivity

  • Finance Dashboards: Creation of Financial dashboards for Financial analytics purposes.
  • Investigation:- Prepare special reports and financial studies after doing a thorough investigation for management and provide findings
  • Process Automation- Identify and implement process improvement opportunities thru automation
  • Long-Range Planning – Assist in developing and implementing long-range planning for IT.
  • Usage of CI Tools – Usage of Continuous Improvement tools like VSM (Value Stream Mapping) , RCA (Root Cause Analysis), 5 Whys etc.
  • Relationship Management:- Develop and maintain relationships with key stakeholders, including executives, IT teams, and cross-functional teams, to ensure alignment and support for continuous improvement initiatives.


Soft Skills:

  • Passion for Continuous Improvement
  • Ability to communicate with all levels within the organization
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Ability to weigh and manage priorities
  • Detail oriented
  • Flexibility and diplomacy when dealing with staff and coworkers
  • Ability to make decisions as well as influence decision-making
  • Strong work habits focusing on quality, and productivity
  • Organizational skills
  • Ability to multitask
  • Project management
  • Customer service

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