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Staff Nurse

Job Description 

Unit specific responsibilities

  • To act as shift Incharge in the absence of shift Incharge.
  • To handle patients of all ages.
  • Write the day / night reports legibly, reflecting all important factors, new admissions,

Post-Operative cases, critically ill patients and V.I.P. patients.

  • Setting up special procedures trays, dressing trolleys and assisting doctors.
  • Raising of various requisitions related to treatments and nursing procedures by coordinating with ward coordinator.
  • Preparation of the patients for minor, major and emergency surgeries.
  • Handing and taking over of assigned patients, drugs and inventory.
  • To perform critical care procedures and protocols.
  • To pain assessment and monitoring of the patient periodically.
  • To act as per the defined roles on the activation of emergency codes.
  • To plan the patient care according to patient’s condition.
  • Early & timely assessment of the patient to detect any complications.
  • Taking over patients at the patient’s bed side and the details of the ongoing treatment from previous shift nurse properly.
  • To provide the emergency medical supplies in the ward and periodically monitor their expiry date.
  • To take a stock of the drugs in coordination with Pharmacist and note the same in the respective registers.



  • To ensure that all equipments in the ward are in working condition and to coordinate with biomedical department in case the equipments are not in proper working condition.
  • To procure sterile dressing packs in the ward.
  • To procure stationery (Consent forms, nurse notes, discharge summary etc) in the ward.
  • Notify any untoward incident following the process of incident reporting.
  • Safety and emergency preparedness.
  • Professional development through training in resuscitative technique like BLS,


  • Participation in continuous training programs.
  • Follow infection control & various hospital policies.

Performs Ongoing Patient Assessment

  • Complete timely nursing assessment & perform ongoing assessment.
  • To collect patient information.
  • To obtain vital signs, hemodynamic values and neurological values.
  • To notify physician of reportable information.

Perform patient physical care

  • To provide Neuro, pulmonary, cardiovascular, endocrine, renal, tracheostomy, craniotomy, back care and hemodynamic status of the patients as required.
  • To perform fall risk assessment.
  • To provide timely urinary catheter care.
  • Assesses and identifies the vascular access needs and maintain fluid and electrolyte balance.
  • To ensure utmost comfort and provide personal hygiene.
  • To provide nutritional support and promote wound healing.
  • To provide pre operative and post-operative care to the patient.
  • To collect patient blood samples and send it to the appropriate labs for investigations.
  • To provide patient care during transport.

Patient medication



  • To ensure all medications are administrated in the presence of a witness nurse during her shift in her unit.
  • To provide correct and timely medication to the patient.
  • To do indents and return of medicines.
  • To provide complete medication i.e. administer IV Medications via central lines and peripheral lines and ensure correct titration of medications if required.
  • To administer oral, sublingual, intramuscular, subcutaneous, topical and epidural medication.

Equipment upkeep

  • To obtain and setup appropriate equipment and supplies.
  • Optimum utilization and upkeep of unit specific equipments including glucometer and ABG machine.
  • To check crash cart for seal daily.
  • Analyze equipment related patient result and response, troubleshooting unexpected findings, solving the identified problems, evaluating need for continual use of equipment, and discontinuing the use of equipment if required.

Assist in specialized procedures

  • To assist in cardiopulmonary resuscitations.
  • To assist the doctor during Intubation, extubation, pulmonary artery catheter insertion, arterial line insertion, moderate sedation, Bronchoscopy, Endoscopy and elective cardio version.
  • To supervise and provide care to the patients on ventilator.
  • Assist in procedures like insertion of lines, insertion of ryle’s tube, intracranial pressure monitoring, chest tube insertion, thoracenthesis, paracenthesis, tracheostomy, lumbar puncture, post operative craniotomy care, nebulization, oxygen administration, suctioning and neurological patients.
  • To provide proper care to the neurological patients, cerebral vascular accident cases, epilepsy and stroke patients.
  • Ensure thrombolysis of stroke patients.

Patient & family Education

  • To maintain the confidentiality of patient.



  • To provide patient & family education.
  • To provide diagnosis specific patient and family education.
  • To act as a team member during crisis management and participate in end of life care including grief management.

Maintain safe environment

  • To provide safe environment for staff and patient.
  • To protect patient from injury, accessibility to emergency medical equipment, follow infection control protocols, correct biomedical and hazardous waste disposal, maintain electrical and fire safety.
  • Active participation during code HAZMAT situation.


  • To do correct unit specific documentation especially handing and taking over, maintenance of critical care flow sheet and reporting & recording of information.
  • To document unusual occurrences, patient transfers and quality control parameters.
  • To maintain unit log book and registers.

➢ To perform all other jobs as may be assigned due to exigencies of work.

➢ Participation in Continuous Quality Improvement.

➢ To follow the Process Improvement programs and carry on Quality Initiatives in the department.

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: From ₹13,000.00 per month


  • Paid sick time
  • Paid time off
  • Provident Fund


  • Evening shift
  • Morning shift
  • Night shift

Ability to commute/relocate:

  • Ludhiana, Punjab: Reliably commute or planning to relocate before starting work (Required)


  • Bachelor’s (Preferred)


  • Nursing (Required)
  • total work (Required)


  • Hindi (Required)


  • Nursing License (Required)

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